Dave has coffee at a restaurant with a seniorTo schedule an appointment, contact Dave O’Neil B.S.W., Professional Elder Companion by email or phone (919) 559-8501.

Free 30 Minute Consultation Meet & Greet.

If you are wondering how the addition of an elder companion can help you and your loved ones to create benefits in your lives, a free 30 minute consultation is your first step!

A consultation is an opportunity for us meet one another. You prepare by answering a few questions to help Dave become aware of your goals and expectations of care.

During our talk, you come away with a better understanding of elder companion care and specific steps we can begin taking immediately to move forward.

Consultations can take place at your home or at a local coffee shop.  So wherever you are and whatever your schedule, it can fit!

Best of all, the consultation is offered at no cost to you and there is no obligation.

Contact me today to schedule your consultation:
(919) 559-8501