• Dave helps a senior citizen look up information on the web

Elder companions are ideal for those who spend much of their time alone and require some assistance with basic daily tasks. Most importantly, a companion functions as an extra set of hands, eyes, and feet to the person you care for when you can’t be there. While Dave is there, you are free to tend to other areas of your life — or simply take a few hours of respite — while knowing that your loved one has company and supervision.

Companion care also provides valuable social benefits: decreasing isolation, getting out and about in the community, a sense of independence – all which leads to an improved quality of life. Warm relationships are often formed when a consistent companion is on the job — a blessing for both the companion and the elder.

Schedule a free 30 Minute Consultation for a simple meet & greet,  Dave just might be the perfect companion for you or the Elder in your life.

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Professional Elder Companion

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